How to Install and Set up Automatic Posting through Timer.

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Automatic Posting Timer Setup-

1. First you need to "Install" the Timer. This is a one time process and
   is only installed in ONE location, either on the server or one
   workstation. (It should be installed on the location of who is going
   to be controlling the Timer.) Go to VLP Main Menu-Administration-on
   the top tool bar click on "Utilities" and select "VLP Component
   Installer". The Component Installer screen will then open up. Check
   the box for "VLP Server Timer" and click the "Install/Uninstall
   Components" button at the bottom of the screen. The Timer will then
2. Go into VLP Main Menu-Administration-System Administration

3. Select the Internet Options Tab

4. In the ePosting section check the "Automatic Posting through Timer"

5. Click on the Start Menu on your computer's taskbar. Go to Programs-
   Startup and choose Time Server

6. The Event Timer screen will open up. The top section of the screen
   where you see "Last Event" will always show the last time loads were
   posted. The section below that where you see "Next Event" will show
   the next time loads are set to be posted. Below that where you
   see "Checking For Next Event", shows the running of the timer.

7. The "STOP All Events" button is used when you want to "Stop" the
   timer for some reason. (You may want to edit your timer and stop the
   events from happening at the time) When you have edited or are done
   with what you needed to do then you will click the "Start Events"
   button to run the timer. (You will notice it running again.)

8. Click on the "Edit Events" button

9. The Edit Server Event screen will open up. In this screen you will
   set when you want your loads to Automatically post to the posting
   sites. In the "Event Name" selection box you should have "ePost
   Auto Send Loads" selected. In the "Frequency" box enter how often
   you want your loads to post (in minutes). Then set the days and
   times that you want your loads to post. The system will
   automatically default to 7 days a week, 24 hours a day so you will
   need to change this to your preferences.
   Note: The "Event Disabled" box at the top of the screen is used
   when you want to stop an event from occuring. (Ex. If you want
   disable eTracking since you are not using it you would choose
   eTracking from the "Event Name" selection box and check the "Event
   Disabled" box).

   The "Show Message" box is only used for debugging purposes. You do
   NOT enter anything in this box unless instructed by Freight
   Management Systems.

10. Click on the "Save" button to save your settings or changes and
    to exit the screen. You will then be back at the "Event Timer"

11.After setting up the timer you must click on the "Minimize" button
   to close the screen. When choosing "Minimize" the system is hiding
   the screen but the timer is still running. If you choose "Close"
   the timer will shut down completly and will NOT be running. Once
   you Minimize the screen you will see the icon for the Timer on the
   bottom right of your taskbar. (It will be displayed as a Clock.)
   To open and close the timer right click on the icon and choose
   "Show Timer" or "Hide Timer".


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