How to use ePosting

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1.  Go into Dispatch and select Internet Options
2.  Select ePosting
    Note:  The ePosting screen is very similar to the Available
    loads screen.  All of the load search options work the same.  You
    must Click Refresh after making a selection.  You can also use 
    the Adjust Grid feature to set up the ePosting screen with 
    the fields you wish to display per User ID.

3.  Select the loads you wish to post.

    Note:  You can select loads individually by Clicking on the far
    left column labeled "Post" or you can select the "Mark All" option
    to post all loads.  There is also an "Unmark All" loads option if
    you want to unmark all your loads and start over again.

    You may also view or print load information by highlighting the
    load and selecting the appropriate button.

4.  Select the Posting Time on the "Track Bar" on the bottom right
    corner of the screen.  This controls how long this batch of loads
    will remain on the POSTPlus only.  The other posting sites have
    set posting times that we can not control.
5.  Once all loads have been selected and the posting time set, select
    the Send Loads button. (If you are signed up with multiple sites,
    a posting site selection screen will come up allowing you to choose
    the sites you wish to post to.   

    A list comes up of all posted loads broken down by posting site.

    A green highlight bar means the load was posted successfully, a
    red highlight bar means the load did not post.  (For loads that
    didn't post, please edit the load and look for the missing data
    ie. equipment type, origin, etc.)  Once the load is corrected,
    select the load to post and send again.

    After loads have been posted, the ePosting screen will be updated
    with the date and time the load was posted.

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