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ePosting Setup -

1.  Contact Freight Management Systems, Inc. for an ePosting User ID 
    & Password

    Note: You will need to have handy your User ID and Passwords that
    were assigned to you by each of the posting sites you signed up 
    with. You will need this information to complete some steps of 
    this set up. If you do not already have this information you will 
    need to go to the posting websites to sign up for a User ID and 

2.  Go into Visual LOADPlus Main Menu - Administration - System 

3.  Select the Internet Options tab

4.  In the Internet Options section-click in the Internet ID box and 
    type in your Internet ID that was assigned to you by Freight 
    Management Systems. Do the same in the Internet password box. 
    Note: Even though you are given a password from FMS you may 
    change it. Just type in what you want the password to be.

5.  In the ePosting section check the ePosting box.

6.  Enter the Contact, Email & Phone information. Click the Save Icon 
    located at the top of the module.

    Note:  If you want the load entry dispatcher's contact information
    to show for the load, you will need to go into Add/Edit/Delete User
    and Select the "Use Info. for Posting Services" option.  You must
    make sure that Posting Service Contact, Phone #1 & email address 
    has been completed on this screen for the individual.  This can be 
    set up for individual dispatchers or for all.

7.  On the Grid, Select the posting sites (one by one) that you will 
    utilize. As you click on each site you must Click on 
    "Initialize Equip Equiv Table" button. This step copies your VLP 
    Equipment table up to the posting interface.

8.  Select Close 

9.  Click the Save Icon

10. Go into the Dispatch module and select the Internet Options button.

    Note:  A Product Information box will be displayed.  You may Click
    on the "Do Not Show This Screen Again" option so it doesn't come
    up again.

11. Select Close

12. Select the Blue "Internet Module Setup" button

13. Select ePosting 

    Note:  PostPlus will be automatically selected and a User ID 
    assigned.  (If you had a previous PostPlus ID, you may replace it
    at this time)

14. Select the Equipment Table button

    The left column is the Visual LOADPlus equipment table which
    is created from Administration.  It is not necessary to change
    anything in this column.

    The right column is the posting site's equipment table and must
    be setup to match the left column as closely as possible.  
    (Example:  VLP = Van-48' & Posting site = Vans)

    Once the equipment tables match, you must select the "Update    
    Equipment Table" option or your changes will not be saved.

15. If you need to add a new piece of equipment, click in the blank 
    entry box and type in the equipment description then in the drop 
    down box to the right choose the equivalent equipment type.
16. Select the "Add New Type" button to save

    Note:  If the last equipment was entered in error, you can 
    select the "Delete Last Equipment Type" button to remove it.

17. Select the Main Menu button to exit that screen.

18. Move to the next posting site you are using. Type in your User ID
    and Password and click save. Continue through the steps of setting 
    up the Equipment Table and save.

    Note:  This is a one time setup process and must be completed
    for each posting site you will utilize. (This is when you will need
    to have all your User ID and Passwords for the posting sites you 
    will utilize.) 
18. Always click on Update at the bottom of the screen to save changes.

19. Select close to exit the ePosting screen.

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