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1.  Turn on the eTrack indicator on the General Info. tab 
    in the customer profile for each customer you want to use
    the eTracking service.

2.  To familiarize yourself with the eTracking options, go 
    into Dispatch and select Internet Options.

3.  If there are eTracking records to be updated, colored 
    messages will appear above the Close button.
    Blue Message means an e-Track customer file update exists
    and needs to be sent to the internet.
    Red Message means an e-Tracking load file update exists 
    and needs to be sent to the internet.

4.  To update the blue message, Click the Add/Edit eTrack 
    Customers button.

    Once the customer update is sent you will receive a screen
    showing all added customers in yellow, edited customers in
    green and any errors will be in red

    Once you have reviewed the changes, Click Close

    A question will appear, "Was the Customer Add/Edit Successful?"
    Answer Yes/No depending on the result of the upload.

5.  To update the red message, Click the Send eTracking Files button.

    Once the Send eTrack files are sent you will receive a message,
    "Etrack Load File was Sent Successfully"

    Click OK

6.  Once the updates have been sent, the information will appear on
    the website and the colored messages will go
    away until there is new etracking info. to be sent.

    (Note:  You can either have your customers log onto the website and enter their login ID and password or 
     if you have your own website, you can create a link to so that your customers never know they left
     your site.)(For eTrack link and logo instructions, please go to 
     our website and select Support and then
     General Whitepapers and then eTrack Logo & Link Instructions.

7.  Please note:  eTracking data is not limited to just load tracking
    records.  Loads are sent up as soon as they are entered into VLP
    as Available Loads, Booked Loads, Tracking Info., Delivered Info. 
    and Invoice Image along with Payment Status of Invoice.

8.  Please check for eTrack colored messages frequently to keep your
    information as current as possible.

9.  eTrack User Maintenance Option - Allows you to change the customer
    information such as Password, phone number, etc.  and access custom
    options such as if they can see the Carrier info., Location Details,
    and Location Notes.  You can also delete a customer from eTracking.

    If changes are made, Click Update

    The eTrack Info. button, located at the bottom right of the screen
    will display the customers current ID and Password.

    Log on as Customer option - Allows you to log on as your customer
    to see the information they will be allowed to view.
    From the drop down list, select the customer you wish to view and
    Click the "Log on as this Customer" button

    You can view current loads, completed loads, inroute loads, 
    scheduled pickups, scheduled deliveries, by PO number or late 

    Once a load has been selected, you can choose the "more" button
    which will display the details of the load along with the invoice
    image and payment status if the load has been invoiced.

10. eTracking Load Update option - This is a utility that will allow
    you to update a single load or all loads for the selected customer.
    Remember the customer must have the eTrack indicator turned on in 
    their custome profile.

    This utility can be used when first starting up a customer, etc.

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