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1.  Select Receivable from the main menu.  Select Maintenance.

2.  Bring up the customer and highlight the invoice from 
    the list at the bottom of the screen.

3.  Select NSF.  The Create NSF Check screen will be displayed.

4.  Enter in the bank number and the deposit number.

5.  Enter the check number and press enter: the amount of the 
    check will be displayed on the screen automatically.

6.  If you need to change the date of the NSF, do so now, otherwise
    it defaults to the present date.

7.  Select OK.  
    The message NSF Successfully Created will be displayed.

An NSF Record will be created with the customer check number, bank number
and deposit number.  To view the NSF Record, go to the Maintenance Screen 
in Receivables, highlight the invoice and select View/Trans.

The original invoice will become open with the amount displayed in 
the balance column.

In the bank account a withdrawal record is created to remove the 
money from the bank account.  The original deposit is not affected.

Enter a manual charge in the Bank Account for any fees that your bank
may charge for the NSF.

    Select the bank account
    The transaction is "Withdrawal"
    The type is "NSF Check"
    Enter the NSF date
    Click on Refresh
    Select "Add Item" Enter the information
    Click on "Okay"

To charge your customer for this fee, create a debit in Accounts 
Receivable maintenance.  Open dispatch maintenance and go to the 
accounting status tab. Find and highlight the reference number. 
Select the line at the left and click on inv. opts. Select balance 
due. Run the pre-invoice edit report and continue as normal 
with the accounting run. The system will create a new invoice 
image which will include the fee.

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