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It is possible to have more than one delivery sheet in your system.  
When the dispatcher needs to use an alternate delivery sheet, he can use the 
dropdown box to select a different sheet to print.  
There are settings in admin which enable this functionality.

- Make a copy of your existing delivery sheet.  Rename with abbreviation of customer name. (max 8 characters) Example: searsdel.rtf
- Open document in wordpad and add the comments you want for this customer.
- Save in the \VisualLP\Help folder.
- Open System Administration.
- Select the Load Types tab.
- Highlight the load type this client uses in the grid.  Example Load Type 10 = Truck Shipment.
- Click the Customer / Carrier Documents button.
- Check the Template Prompt checkbox next to the existing delivery sheet. (You may have to save & reopen Admin to enable)
- Click the dropdown box for the Template Default.
- Enter the decription & the revised delivery sheet file name.
- Click in the next blank line below the file info you entered and select ok.  If the default changes to your new filename, simply retype your regular sheet name.
- Save.

- Close & reopen Dispatch.
- When you create new documents, select the template dropdown box next to your regular delivery sheet name to display the alternate delivery sheets.
- Click on the arrow on the scrollbar to highlight your revised document.
- Click OK and process as usual.

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