Carrier Module Training Videos

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Carrier Overview - Brief description of the Carrier module - 10 minutes
Adding a Carrier - How to enter a carrier's information - 10 minutes
Making a Carrier Inactive - Explains the benefits of making a carrier inactive instead of deleting them - 12 minutes
Adding a Carrier Site - Explains what a carrier site is and how to enter a site - 10 minutes
Add/Edit Standard Carrier Comments - How to add/edit standard carrier comments in the carrier record - 10 minutes
Carrier General Info Tab - Explains the Carrier General Info Tab - 10 minutes
Carrier Default Tab - Explains the Carrier Default Tab - 8 minutes
Carrier Authorities Tab - Explains the Carrier Authorities Tab - 5 minutes
Carrier Insurance Tab - Explains the Carrier Insurance Tab - 5 minutes
Carrier Equipment Services Tab - Explains the Carrier Equipment/Services Tab - 5 minutes
 Carrier Rates Tab - Explains the Carrier Rates Tab - 5 minutes
Carrier Contacts Tab - Explains the Carrier Contacts Tab - 10 minutes
Carrier Memos Tab - Explains the Carrier Memos Tab - 5 minutes
Carrier Commissions Tab - Explains the Carrier Commissions Tab - 5 minutes
DOTPlus - How to use DOTPlus to simplify the process of verifying an exisitng carrier's information and how to add new carriers - 35 minutes

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