Commission Setup

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  1.   You must enter the commission salesman into Human Resources.  Complete the General tab.  DO NOT select the Payroll field at the bottom right, unless you are going to tax the commissions in payroll. Most outside commission salesman     are given a 1099 at year end.
  2. Complete emergency Info tab, or this can be completed later.  It is not needed to set up the system to auto create commissions.
  3. Commissions Tab.  Select Get Commissions at the top and select customer defaults.  If each load is a flat rate the amount in the flat rate field.  If they are percentage, enter the % in the % field.  Select Gross or Net.  Gross is the Income from the customer.  Net is the Income less the cost to the carrier.  Select if you wish this to calculate on the Line Haul rate only or the total load. Leave minimum profit and minimum commission blank for now.  Leave Admin Calc: at None also for now.
  4.   In customer profile, bring up the customer that he will receive the commission for.  Note:  This is the actual customer on the load.
  5.   Go to the commissions tab and enter this salesman.  I would suggest testing with one customer at first.
  6. Open AP Vendor Profile and select Add Vendor From in the middle of the screen. Select HR and select this salesperson. You will skip this step if you are going to put the commissions on the salespersons payroll.
  7. Select  type of Commission.  Go to  the Accounting/Age tab and enter the g/l debit and credit if you wish to break commissions out in the general ledger. If you do not break them out, then they will go to the normal cost of sales account.
  8. Close HR, AP, Customer and Dispatch.   Reopen dispatch and create a load for this customer to see how the system creates the commission for you.
  9. You will need to review the numerous commission reports to see which one works best for your company.

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